My age is 22 yrs. I had jaundice in March 2006. My bilirubin was around 5. I am a smoker and occasionally drink alcohol. Can smoking be fatal after 2 months? And how long shall I wait to drink alcohol again?

Since you already have history of liver imbalance, i would highly suggest not to compromise even more your liver. smoking and alcohol is inducing toxic waste to your system. you are only 22 and you still have a long way to go. try to correct all the imbalance what you have now before you reach age 25. after age 25, your body has reached maturity and any imbalance will be difficult to correct. Drinking, white wine or red wine is fine but not the hard alcohol ones. ANd occassional drinking is not that bad as long as it will just be a glass or 2 not more than that. also, with smoking and regular consumption of alcohol, not only your liver will be in trouble but as well as your other body functions. make sure that unnecessary medication is avoided as well for liver recovery.

answered by M L

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