Information on Causes of Brownish Red Spots on Tongue

Home remedies for brownish red spots on the tongue depend on the reasons for the occurrence of these spots which may or may not be painful as well. Painful red spots on the tongue if caused by a vitamin deficiency could be treated naturally by modifying your diet to include plenty of iron and vitamin B rich foods such as nuts, shell fish, red meat and apricots. Another natural tongue blisters treatment is to gargle your mouth with some saline water. Painful spots on the tongue can also be treated at home by using vinegar as an oral rinse or even by preparing a mixture of sodium carbonate and baking soda which should be applied over these painful spots on the tongue.

Home remedies for treating tongue blisters also include applying some clove oil on these blisters for immediate relief. To get temporary relief from the redness and pain, as part of the tongue blisters treatment you could also apply some ice on these blisters. Painful spots on the tongue can also be treated naturally by consuming probiotic foods such as yogurt that are known to fight the infections that cause these brownish red spots on the tongue. Additionally you should also maintain proper oral hygiene as part of both the treatment and preventive care for tongue blisters.

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Under normal circumstances, your tongue should be light red or pinkish in color. Not many people are aware of the fact that your tongue can reflect the health and wellness of your blood circulation, as well as your internal organs. Therefore, in case you notice red spots on the tongue, you may have a reason to be worried.

It is easy to mistake the spots on tongue symptoms for a sore tongue or tongue inflammation. While this may be true to some extent, there are many other health conditions that could lead to the formation of red spots on the tongue. Red spots are actually nothing but small blood-bumps on the tongue. Some of the common causes of spots on the tongue include:

  • The deficiency of essential vitamins, especially Vitamin B in the body
  • An allergic reaction against foreign substances, like certain foodstuff, medicines or toothpaste
  • The presence of bacterial or yeast infections in the mouth
  • An autoimmune disorder known as Kawasaki disease
  • In some rare instances, warts

As soon as you notice the spots on your tongue, it is important for you to consult a doctor and determine its underlying cause. These spots usually disappear, once you treat the condition that is causing it. In case the spots have been caused by inflammation, you can use some simple home remedies to treat them.

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One of the causes of brown spots on tongue is a medical condition known as the hairy tongue which is observed in the form of dark spots on the tongue because of fungal growth on the surface of the tongue. This medical condition is observed in people who chew tobacco or smoke or even because of the prolonged use of antibiotics or poor oral hygiene. Brown spots on the tongue are also observed because of vitamin deficiency. Such conditions can be treated naturally by incorporating plenty of green leafy vegetables, nuts, apricots and so on in your diet on a daily basis. Oral cancer and oral fibroma are also some of the causes of brown spots on the tongue and these should be investigated further by a medical professional for an accurate diagnosis. In some cases, tongue piercing is also known to be one of the causes of brown spots on the tongue which occur because of the growth of fungus on the tongue caused by the piercing in some cases. If the brown spots on the tongue are accompanied with pain then you could treat this at home by consuming cool foods such as fresh yogurt as it is known to provide relief from the pain and helps the healing of the blisters if any on the tongue.

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Can diet help in treating spots on tongue?

There are several factors that could lead to the formation of spots on the tongue, some of which include a tongue allergy, inflammation, a sore tongue or the lack of vitamins in the body. A healthy diet high in vitamins and minerals can improve your overall health and well being treating the condition. The first step is to try and identify if you are allergic to certain foods or medicines and eliminate them from your diet.

There are many people who assume that a tongue patch diet is useful for treating spots on the tongue too. However, a tongue patch diet is like a weight loss diet that is usually recommended for those who are obese. In this diet, a mesh patch is sewn on to the tongue, which makes it difficult for a patient to eat solid food. It is believed that a patient can lose up to 25 pounds by wearing the tongue patch for around 6 weeks or so. However, most health care providers do not recommend the tongue patch diet, as the long-term effects of this diet are still not clear.

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