Treatment for oily scalp and dandruff

An oily scalp is a rather common occurrence that causes the hair to become oily more often resulting in a very dull appearance and making your hair look lifeless. This further on, adds to a number of other issues of the hair that cause a great deal of inconvenience. An oily scalp is due to the sebaceous glands producing excess oil that could be because of hereditary, irregular eating habits, hormonal imbalance, excessive heat, an underlying skin problem or because of a lot of exposure to chemicals with the use of different hair products. dandruff is another outcome of hair problem that can be very unpleasant as the flakes fall and settle on your forehead and shoulders. Coconut milk that is got from the shavings of coconut is a great way to treat an oily scalp wherein it can be applied on the scalp, left for a while and then rinsed thoroughly with water. Incase your scalp is itching a lot, soak a few fenugreek seeds overnight, make a thick paste of it by grinding it the next day and apply this to your scalp. Leave it on for sometime and then wash it off with plain water.

For treating hair fall, take a cup of mustard oil, add 4 tablespoons of henna leaves to it and boil the mixture. Apply it on your scalp after straining the same as it is very effective to treat an oily scalp. Aloe Vera gel is also very helpful to prevent hair loss where you can apply the gel directly to your hair after shampooing it and then massage it into your scalp and wash well. You can make a conditioner by mixing yogurt and some lemon juice and apply it on the hair as this helps in treating dandruff as well as promotes an oil free scalp. Since stress is one of the reasons for this problem, try to keep yourself stress free as far as possible and bringing about a change in your eating habits is of utmost importance. Eat food that is rich in fruits and healthy vegetables as they will provide you with the essential nutrients that are required by your body and will enable to keep your hair and scalp healthy. When you apply a conditioner to your hair, make sure that you apply it only to the tips of your hair and not your scalp or roots as it results in damaging the hair.

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