Is there a home remedy for fever blisters? I have been getting them alot on my bottom lip and right below my nose above my lip? It seems as soon as they go away another comes in its place...

There is a great supplement that I personally take whenever I feel the tingle of an impending cold sore. It is red marine algae and has been proven to be more effective than the commonly prescribed pharmaceutical (acylovir).

I stock this product and it is one of the most popular products I carry simply because it works wonders. I have provided a link to the company I order from.

Dosage: Take one or two tablets (I say one for each 100 pounds of body weight) whenever you feel the tingle of a cold sore coming on. Take another pill whenever the tingle returns. It should be resolved within 1-2 days, please report back and let me know how this works for you.

Red Marine Algae (aka Rhodophyta) should only be taken when you feel a cold sore coming on. Don't take it every day. I took it daily for 2 weeks prior to my wedding so I would be assured of not getting a cold sore which is triggered by stress for me personally.

Also, you should pay attention to your diet trying to eliminate high arginine foods like wheat, beer, chocolate and peanuts. You should eat good quality yogurt and bananas. You should visit a Naturopathic Doctor, who as experts in natural health, can help you to make the right food chocies and address the underlying cause of your herpes outbreaks.

answered by Dr C M N

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