My wife is five months pregnant, and was found with numerous pus cells, what does it mean, could it be uti or sti? Is she going to have complications during labor?

Pus cells present in the urine during pregnancy indicate a Urinary tract infection. This is fairly common during parturition and during the post partum time as well. These types of infections can be broadly categorized as the symptomatic and the asymptomatic bacteriuria. Asymptomatic bacteriuria indicates that more than 1000000 per milliliter bacteria are present in the urine during pregnancy. If there are more than 10 to 15 pus cells present in the urine then it is a significant problem.  Some of the complications involved with Asymptomatic bacteriuria during one’s pregnancy are that these women are at higher risk of developing a condition called pyelonephritis. This causes endotoxic shock for the woman immediately after the baby is delivered. There is also a link with prematurity and this problem. This condition is not diagnosed always hence it is advisable for pregnant woman to always do a urine test followed by a repeat of a urinary culture if there are greater that 10 to 15 pus cells present. Symptomatic bacteriuria is the other condition during pregnancy. The condition observed if the case is diagnosed as acute febrile illness. This is accompanied by loin pain and also by vomiting. The patient has an increased temperature and the condition can be confirmed by doing a urinary culture. If sepsis is present then it can be confirmed by doing a blood test. The initial treatment given here would be by intravenous methods until the fever and the vomiting has subsided.

The causes of a UTI infection can be due to the presence of bacteria in the urethra. It can also be caused during sexual intercourse. The bacteria present in the vaginal passage get pushed deeper into the canal during intercourse. Different sexual partners can be another cause of this infection. If a person waits to long to urinate then this also can give rise to this problem or even holding back or resisting the urge to urinate.

Some of the remedies to cure a Urinary tract infection include drinking plenty of fluids as this helps to flush out the toxins in the system. Try making a mixture of baking soda about half a teaspoon added to a glass of water. Baking soda helps to raise the acid base balance of acidic urine. Cranberry juice should be drunk in larger quantities as this juice does not allow the bacteria to cling on to the cells that line the urinary tract. If this cannot be drunk by it self then it can be mixed with equal portions of apple juice and consumed. It works very well in fighting this infection. Increase the intake of vitamin C.

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