What is the quickest home remedy for toe nail fungus, and how long does it take for the tea tree oil to work?

fungal infections are quite a common occurrence for most people and although they are not serious, like a number of other life threatening conditions, they can be pretty distressing and at times even embarrassing. Fungal infections of the toe nail are caused by the same group of fungi responsible for some of the other most common fungal infections from jock itch to ringworm and athlete’s foot. They belong to a group of fungi called dermatophytes. Of these infections toenail fungus can be the most frustrating because of its resilience to most treatments. The condition if not too severe, can however be treated at home.

The key to treating fungal infections is through the maintenance of high levels of personal hygiene and not simply through the applications of medications, whether natural or pharmaceutical. This of course brings us to another contentious point – the efficacy of natural remedies for fungal infections. While natural remedies are extremely effective for a variety of conditions they are not horribly effective for toenail fungus and the results may vary from case to case. It is therefore not worth the risk, as delays to treatment, whether through neglect or ineffective medications and remedies, will simply make the infection a lot more resilient, harder to treat and also a lot more lengthy procedure.

Tea tree oil is probably the most potent antifungal solution available in nature, but it is still not effective enough to validate its use as the sole treatment for a toenail fungus infection. It would be best to use a combination of natural techniques along with pharmaceutical products to fight the infection, and back these up with adequate self care and hygiene practices.  There are plenty of treatments available over the counter and you can also use natural treatments like vinegar, tea tree oil, and dark beer soaks. Tea tree oil can also be used for foot soaks, and you can soak your feet in a tub of warm water with the oil added in after a bath. The main problem with topical applications for the infection is that the fungi are protected by the nail. Moreover, growth of toenails is much slower than finger nails, which is also why healing takes a lot longer. In fact it can take months to heal completely.

Make sure that you follow a treatment regime religiously, but in addition maintain the highest levels of personal hygiene. The infection can recur very easily and it can also be spread very easily. Avoid sharing foot wear or other personal items. Never walk bare foot either or share nail clippers and cosmetics. Do not use nail polish or artificial nails. Always ensure that your feet are clean and dry and never leave them moist as this would offer the perfect environment for fungal growth. Try not to wear closed shoes, at least extensively and always use clean cotton socks and dust on an antifungal powder before using any foot wear.

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