I am 57 chronic asthmatic of family history. It is under control. My BP of late has become 130/ 103. Kindly advice

Based on the “Classification of Hypertension”, your readings are borderline to mild. Blood pressure which is consistently high and untreated can increase your risk of premature strokes and heart attacks. Your systolic blood pressure reading is 130 (borderline) and diastolic blood pressure reading 103 (mild to slightly high). To understand what systolic and diastolic readings mean, please read the causes of high BP

Read more about your condition here and check out our natural home treatments for high blood pressure:
Some factors like age and heredity which increase risk for high blood pressure are beyond our control. We can control other factors like:
-Restrict fatty and salty foods
-Restrict caffeine and alcohol consumption
-Exercise regularly
-Lose weight if needed

Dietary Guidelines for high blood pressure:
Eat fruits and vegetables – They are beneficial to treat hypertension as they are good sources of potassium.
Have milk and milk products. Some studies have shown that extra calcium added to the diet may have a modest effect on blood pressure. A glass of skim milk, low-fat yogurt, or leafy green vegetables to the daily diet is recommended
Be liberal with spices, herbs and condiments to increase palatability. Try adding new flavorings such as lime juice, onion, garlic, green chillies, pepper, a pinch of vinegar, sugar, honey and jaggery. This decreases the amount of salt that is required to be added.

Restrict intake of these foods:
Aginomoto (Monosodium Glutamate) – the Chinese cooking salt.
Baking Powder (Sodium bi-carbonate) – added to almost all bakery products e.g. Khari biscuits, cookies, bread, buns, burgers, processed foods such as noodles, pasta, cakes, Soya sauce and other such salted bakery products.
Preservatives – e.g. Sodium Benzoate etc. added to tinned, canned and processed foods.
Smoked and salted meat – e.g. Bacon, ham, sausages, canned beef, and luncheon meats.
Papads, Sauces, catsups, pickles and ready-to-eat instant foods are high in sodium and are best avoided.

It is a good thing that your asthma is in control. If you experience an attack of asthma in the future you can deal with your symptoms effectively by using our natural home treatments to cure asthma.

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