How to cure flatulence in infants?

Flatulence in infants is completely normal. There are few reasons for infant flatulence we must understand. Many infants who gulp in too much air while their feeding, and sometimes they are unable to pass out this excessive air through burping, this makes the baby feel uneasy. Lactose intolerance also could result in sever diarrhea, flatulence and the baby is unable to thrive. Therefore it is important to make a proper diagnosis of reasons of flatulence in your baby.

Here are some quick remedies that could provide some relief to the baby:
  1. Try moving the baby around or position him upright and pat him a bit. It will help to release the gas.  
  2. Tilting or raising the head of the baby’s cot or crib so that the child’s head is up will also provide some relief.
  3. Give a colicky baby suffering from flatulence some dill oil. It is safe without any side effects.
  4. Use a warm water bottle or other warming device that does not get too hot. Place it on the baby's tummy, the soothing warmness will relax the intestines and help to allow gas to pass.

answered by A W

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