I have extremely oily skin but my feet are cracked and peeling! Is it because I never wear hose anymore? From Jersey now in Florida.

Can cracked feet be cured at home?

Cracked feet are caused on account of dry skin around the rim of the heel. Obesity, improper shoes and standing for long periods of time can also cause cracked feet. A natural cure for cracked feet is to apply a generous amount of hydrogenated vegetable oil on the feet and then leave this oil overnight. This should be repeated for a few days for best results. A natural cream for cracked feet can also be prepared by mixing together some rosewater and glycerin or simply applying the smashed pulp of a ripe banana. In order to cure cracked feet naturally one may also mix together some paraffin wax and mustard oil. This mixture should then be applied to the cracked feet and allowed to remain overnight after which it may be washed with some cool water. Coconut oil is also used as a home cure for cracked feet because it is known to have very good softening properties. Another natural cure for cracked feet involves adding some finely chopped parsley to your bath or a tub of water to soak the feet in. Parsley is known to boost the blood circulation and it also has antibacterial properties.

answered by G M

What are the most common causes for cracked feet?

Some of the common people especially women who wear open sandals for long periods of time and leave their feet exposed are more prone to developing cracks on their feet. Similarly some people have a higher tendency to developing dry feet which can in turn cause cracks. Some of the other causes for cracked feet also include progressing age, ill-fitting shoes, standing for too long especially in the case of overweight and obese people and even climatic factors in some cases. The best way to avoid cracked feet is by keeping them clean and moisturized always. Regular use of a pumice stone for scrubbing the heels can do away with the dead skin cells and help maintain healthy crack-free feet. One of the best home remedies to heal cracked feet is applying sesame oil on the heels just before bedtime. A mixture of glycerin and rosewater can also be applied daily to cure and soothe cracked heels. One of the easiest remedies to heal cracked feet is regularly applying coconut oil before bedtime and scrubbing and rinsing it off in the morning.

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