How to treat ringworms at home

Ringworms are fungal infections that develop on the outer layer of an individual’s skin. There are various kinds of ringworms that affect different parts of the body. For example, a ring worm known as tinea pedis, affects a person’s foot and hence is also commonly referred to as athlete’s foot. Tiena cruris is another type of ringworm that affects a person’s genital region and is commonly referred to as jock itch. Tinea capitis is a ringworm infection that is commonly noticed among children and affects the scalp the most.     

Tinea corporis is a ring worm that affects the body and is commonly noticed on the hands, stomach, back and legs. Ringworms on the body appear as circular patches of rash with a thick inflamed border. Ringworms is a contagious condition and spreads by mere contact with a person, animal or object containing the microorganisms responsible for this condition.

Ring worms cause a lot of skin irritation and you may even experience a burning sensation in the affected areas. You may try home remedies to get rid of your condition; however, if your condition does not improve within a week’s time you may require prescription drugs to treat the same. Also if you experience fever along with ringworms, visit your doctor immediately.

You can use home remedies to get relief form the symptoms of ringworms effectively.
  • Mustard seeds are very effective when it comes to treating ringworms. Make a paste out of a few mustard seeds and apply it on the skin affected by ringworms. This will help contain the infection. Do not leave this paste on for more than 15 minutes as mustard seeds contain an oil that can irritate the skin, and cause an intense burning sensation.
  • Another effective remedy when it comes to treating ringworms includes the use of a raw papaya. Slice a raw papaya. Take a slice and rub it on your ringworm affected skin. This remedy helps in eliminating the parasitic fungus causing ringworms. You may follow this procedure twice a day.
  • Turmeric has excellent anti bacterial properties, as well as skin healing properties. It is one of nature’s most effective remedies when it comes to cosmetic and skin conditions. A paste made out of turmeric will help in getting rid of ringworms effectively. You can also have a teaspoon of honey mixed with a pinch of turmeric everyday in order to boost your immune system internally.  
  • Coconut oil proves very helpful in relieving the itchy feeling caused by ring worms. Applying coconut oil on the affected skin areas will ensure that your skin remains soft and itch free. 

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