Why do you get stretch marks on breast?

Stretch marks can appear on any part of the body and can be quite emotionally disturbing for almost any individual. The fact that today's world seems to place such a high significance in the way a person looks makes things even more emotionally traumatic. Stretch marks, while being of no real medical seriousness, can greatly affect an individual's quality of life because of the amount of confidence it can dent. It can completely dictate the kind of clothes that one wears, thereby greatly influencing ones aesthetic appeal. Stretch marks on the breasts, just like the stretch marks on any part of the body, are a result of the constant expansion and contraction of the skin to adjust to the fluctuations in a person's weight, as a result of weight gain or dieting. While it is possible to reduce the prominence of the stretch marks, complete removal can prove completely impossible. While a number of big cosmetic brands may market some of their lotions and creams as the perfect solution, even the cosmetic industry have not yet found a way to completely remove the stretch marks and the lotions will simply reduce the prominence of these marks. Another very common reason for the occurrence of stretch marks is going through a pregnancy, as this is also characterized by rapid weight gain and loss.

While there isn't really much one can do about stretch marks that have already developed, following a healthy and balanced diet will help moisturize the skin, causing the stretch marks to fade away to some degree. The logic behind this is to make sure that your skin remains firm and as elastic as possible. One of the most effective home remedies to achieve this is to mix the ingredients of ¼ cup of Aloe Vera gel, ½ cup of olive oil, the liquid content of 6 vitamin E capsules and the liquid content of 4 vitamin A capsules. Once blended together, store the mixture in a fridge and topically apply the mixture over all the locations of your body where the stretch marks normally occur. The application of Aloe Vera gel over the affected areas also helps significantly lighten the prominence of stretch marks. Increase your intake of seeds and nuts that contain zinc as it is a vital ingredient in the removal of stretch marks. The application of cocoa butter twice a day over the affected area will also help considerably as will the application of pure lavender oil.

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