What to put on bug bites

There are thousands of insects all over that are hovering around you and summer time is the worst for all these to come and attack you. Some of the bites and stings got from these insects can be quite painful and irritating and cause a great amount of distress and though these bites do not cause any medical related problems they can cause a lot of pain. It is important that you wash the area and clean it well with soap and water so that all the germs are removed. You can rub a meat tenderizer that consists of papain as that will help to cure the bite immediately. Besides this, you could mix water and the meat tenderizer to form a paste and then apply this on the affected area. You can also apply some mud on the affected area as that is also known to be very helpful. Take some table salt, mix it with water and apply the same on the area that has been bitten as it helps to reduce the pain and itchiness. Similarly, you can add a teaspoon of baking soda to 1 glass of water and apply it to the particular area by dipping a cloth in this water and keeping it on the bite for about 15 minutes. You can also apply ice that is wrapped in a towel to the area that is bitten for a couple of minutes.

Begin to consume a diet that consists of a lot of thiamine that is vitamin B1 as it is said that these people tend to have less amounts of insect bites as compared to others. The reason for this is because there is a very unpleasant smell that is let out with this vitamin while you sweat that discourages insects to come close to you. In the same way, include a lot of onions and garlic in your diet as a lot of consumption of these helps to keep bugs away and prevents them from biting you. Foods that are rich sources of thiamine are whole grains, brewer's yeast and organ meats. Applying calamine lotion helps to cure the bite and you can also try using some rubbing alcohol as applying the same to the bite reduces the itchiness and swelling. If you have a mosquito bite, try mixing lime juice with water and apply this to the bite as it curbs the itching.

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In most cases bug bites and stings are nothing more than a nuisance while you're enjoying your time outdoors. They may be a cause for momentary alarm but there are no real serious or long term health problems that you need to worry about. Apart from the discomfort and pain there's not much to worry about. It does however pay to be cautious as in some rare cases a bug bite may cause infections or more likely allergic reactions, which can be fatal if not treated appropriately.

Since you haven't mentioned what type of bug you were bitten by it would be hard for to advice you with any degree of certainty about the possible reactions from the bite or risks and treatment. Generalized treatments that broadly address most bug bites should be of some help. If you are a parent it would be particularly important to be familiar with and recognize the signs of an allergic reaction so that timely medical intervention can be provided.

Treatment of course depends on the nature of the bite and the reaction it produces.

  • If the bite only causes pain and redness at the location of the bite, then you can simply apply ice. This should suffice as treatment.
  • It would also be wise to cleanse the area thoroughly, using a soap and water solution to get rid of any contaminated particles that may have been left behind; as such residue can lead to a further contamination of the wound.
  • Make sure that you avoid scratching the site of the bite as this is the worst possible thing to do. This can cause breakage or lesions in the skin that can lead to a secondary infection. This is a more serious and persistent threat as compared to the bite itself as it would require a lot more treatment.
  • To relieve the itching or soreness you can simply use a calamine lotion.
  • Inflammation can also be problematic, in which case you can use natural anti inflammatory remedies like peppermint oil. Simply smear some of the oil over the bite as this will help increase circulation and get rid of any chemicals or toxins that may be left behind. It will also help reduce soreness.
  • You can use alum powder by dissolving it in water and apply the solution over the bite. This will help to get rid of any lingering sensation of itchiness.

If there is lingering pain for over a couple of hours or if the bite also causes other symptoms like nausea and vomiting, fever, persistent itching, muscle pain, severe swelling, respiratory difficulties or delirium, then make sure you get immediate medical attention as these are symptomatic of severe allergic reactions.

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