Can Celiac be cured? What's the best way to rid one self of it?

Celica disease is quite a common digestive condition in which the immune system responds to the consumption of gluten by damaging the small intestine. Gluten is natural protein that is present in grains like rye, wheat and barley, but it can also be found in certain products like medicines, supplements, and even the glue on envelopes or stamps. The disease can affect different individuals differently with symptoms either manifesting in the digestive system or even other parts of the body. So while some people may be affected by diarrhea and stomach pains others may just suffer mood swings with depression or irritability. Irritability is the more common symptom among children suffering from celiac and many may not even display symptoms.

Sadly there is absolutely no way in which the disease can be cured and any claims to the contrary are untrue. The disease can however be controlled with the appropriate diet changes to the extent that it will have a marginal effect on your life if any. The disease is genetic and blood tests can help make a diagnosis. Failure to follow dietary treatments will cause damage to the inner surface of the small intestine, resulting in mal absorption of nutrients, which can cause nutritional deficiencies. This is a serious concern as a prolonged deficiency leads to deprivation of nutrients to the vital organs like the brain, liver, peripheral nervous system, and other organs. This can give rise to other diseases and health conditions.

The disease can be controlled and restricted with diet control. This may not be as easy as we would like you to believe, but it certainly does pay off and is the most effective treatment. Dietary treatment for celiac would imply a strict gluten free diet for your entire life. This is problematic for those who do not have visible symptoms as it is hard to understand and feel the urgency or seriousness of a situation if there are no immediate effects visible. Please bear in mind however that the risks are very serious.

In almost all cases where symptoms are present, these symptoms will gradually disappear as gluten is eliminated from the diet. You must gather accurate information about all the foods you eat to ensure that they do not contain wheat, rye, barley, oats, or any other gluten containing substances. Beverages and medicines also need to be examined for the same reason. Any and all foods, drinks or medications with gluten should be eliminated. Make it a point to inform your health care provider about the condition before beginning treatment if necessary for any other condition.

Since Celiac disease does cause severe nutritional deficiencies it may be necessary to correct these imbalances with the appropriate mineral and vitamin supplements. A nutritionist and your doctor would be in the best position to guide you over a diet and supplements specific to your needs.

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