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Drooling while asleep is known to occur because of a number of reasons such as illness, poor posture, dental issues and so on. Sometimes drooling in sleep may happen because the mouth may open as the body may require more oxygen. Many people are keen on knowing how to stop drooling while sleeping because it can be quite irritating to find oneself waking up to a puddle of saliva. One of the ways to stop drooling in sleep is to try and avoid breathing through the mouth and instead breathe through the nose. In cases of those who are prone to breathing through their mouths it is natural for the saliva to flow out through their open mouth resulting in drooling.

One should ensure that they are not forced to breathe through their mouths because of blocked nasal passages on account of respiratory issues. Another natural remedy to stop drooling while asleep is to change ones posture and to try and sleep on ones back. This is effective against drooling because even if ones mouth is open then the saliva will stay confined within ones mouth. One may need to change their posture in the night if one finds themselves sleeping on their stomach or side at night and eventually one would get used to sleeping on their backs.

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What causes drooling while sleeping?

Most people in the world suffer from drooling while sleeping. Drooling could affect any individual and the intensity with which one is affected would differ from person to person. As far as drooling while sleeping causes go, there are a number of factors that influence the occurrence that are a common part of our daily lives. For instance, the condition can be caused by a number of dental conditions, respiratory or sinus problems, taking certain drugs or medications as well as the anatomy of the individual’s mouth. Probably the most common of all drooling while sleeping causes is the tendency to sleep with your mouth open.  

In order to stop drooling in your sleep, it is important to first identify the root cause of the condition in your case and then look at the various options you have to remedy the situation. Unfortunately, as yet there are no drugs or medications that have been developed in order to prevent drooling during sleep, although there are a number of drugs available at your local medical store that will help reduce the amount you salivate when sleeping. You may also need to experiment with your sleeping position and identify one where the condition is least pronounced.

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How to cure excessive drooling while sleeping?

Drooling is defined as a condition where saliva flows out of the mouth unintentionally. This is something that is associated with people who have limited motor skill control around their face muscles. People with nerve related problems such as stroke patients may suffer from this. People who are healthy will also experience drooling when they are asleep. This is however normal though it could be embarrassing and irritating as it necessitates the regular replacement of dirty bed linen.

There is no real cure for excessive drooling while sleeping. Some medications are available that are used to reduce the production of saliva in the first place. This is good for those who salivate excessively in general. However, for those who salivate normally, this is not an option as it will hinder their process of food consumption. There is some evidence to suggest that one can do certain face exercises to help tone the muscles of the face. This may reduce the sagging that occurs in the skin when one is sleeping. One may also alter the position of the head during sleep such that it does not promote the collection of saliva between the gums and the lips. These tips may help reduce the flow of saliva during sleep.

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How to stop drooling after the teeth is pulled out?

Many people experience drooling after the extraction of teeth for a couple of days and do not know how to stop drooling. Most of the times drooling is excessive when a person is sleeping and since most people sleep sideways, drooling can be even worse. Therefore one of the best ways to stop drooling excessively is to try and sleep on your back as opposed to the sides.

A pillow can be used to keep the head and shoulders slightly elevated. Sleeping in this position will ensure that even if the person’s mouth remains open, drooling will still be controlled. If the drooling is too much the doctor may even prescribe certain drugs to control it.

One of the other effective ways to stop drooling after a tooth extraction is to regularly and gently brush the teeth and rinse the mouth after every meal. Massaging the mouth before eating is also a good remedy to control excessive drooling. After a tooth extraction it is also recommended that you eat your food slowly; as this will also help in controlling excessive drooling. The best remedy would be to rest and stay away from spicy and pungent foods which can actually increase the drooling.

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