How to treat sunburn blisters?

Sunburn is a problem we are all too familiar with during the summers. If you live along the beach belt chances are pretty high that you can’t quite escape the effects of sunburn. Sunburn can be pretty painful and although at the time the damage to your skin may be largely superficial it does cause long term damage as well. Prolonged exposure to the sun and frequent episodes of sunburn can be devastating in terms of the long term damage. The most important step you need to take therefore is to prevent sunburn in the first place. This may not always be feasible however and in such cases natural remedies for sunburn can come in very handy.

The first thing you need to be aware of is that the blisters should not be ruptured, but allowed to resolve naturally. Blisters that rupture should be kept covered under a fine cloth as this minimizes the risks posed by exposure, and it will also offer some protection to the moisture levels of the skin, thereby promoting quick healing and recovery.

There are many remedies that can help hasten the healing process and also reduce the irritation and soothe your skin. Here are some of these simple remedies:
  • Some natural ingredients that can be used as effective topical applications would include apple cider vinegar, plantain, and aloe vera gel. Cold aloe vera gel is a lot more soothing than at room temperature, but either way, any of these applications will help treat sun blisters.
  • Milk is another useful solution that can be applied directly to reduce the irritation from the blisters.
  • Virgin coconut oil is another invaluable natural ingredient that is widely used traditionally for various skin and hair problems. It is renowned for its healing properties and nutritional value. Applying coconut oil will not only sooth the sunburn blisters, but also promote healing.
You can also prepare a paste made from a mixture of sandalwood powder and rose water. Mix the paste well and smear it over the area affected and allow it to stand for a few minutes. You can then proceed to wash it off with cold running water. Cucumbers and potatoes are both soothing in nature. Their juice extract can help reduce inflammation, swelling and sensitivity in the sun burnt patches of skin.

In addition to all of these remedies however, please bear in mind that the most important measure is protection. Use sun screen lotions and protective clothing to ensure that there is no further damage to the skin.

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