Treatment for gas pain in gall bladder

Gall Bladder pains can be caused by gas. And since your symptom does suggest that passing gas stops the pain, the best remedy would be to stop consuming gassy foods.

There is a whole list of things to avoid. Here are some foods that cause gas:

  • Broccoli and cabbage are high on the list of offenders. Carrots and cauliflower too should be avoided, as they are known to cause gas. Onions and lettuce are last on the list of vegetables to avoid.
  • Legumes are almost all gassy. Black-eyed beans, lentils and peanuts are gas producing too. Avoid them. Peas, pinto beans and soybeans are also best avoided right now, at least till the pain passes.
  • Junk food like bagels, pasta, and peanut-butter sandwiches should be avoided at all costs. They have low nutritional value and are gas-causing.

Once you have stopped consuming these foods, you should notice some improvement in your symptoms. If the pain still doesn't stop, you might want to visit a specialist who will run other checks to look for presence of stones and other problems. Also, before following our diet advice blindly, check with a nutritionist to make sure you aren't depriving yourself entirely of some useful nutrients.

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answered by G R

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