How do I restore my tooth enamel? Is there a way to prevent erosion of tooth enamel?

Tooth enamel is basically the outer layer of the tooth that is considered to be the hardest part of the body. Can enamel be restored is one question asked by many people all around the world. It is not possible to restore tooth enamel naturally as this tooth enamel once eroded does not regenerate. In case the individual is suffering from a cavity or an infection then the high mineral content of one's tooth enamel makes it even more susceptible to the process of demineralization. In order to recover tooth erosion naturally as far as possible, one should keep in mind that one's diet plays a very important role in tooth enamel erosion.

Rather than knowing how to restore tooth enamel one should concentrate on preventing erosion of tooth enamel by minimizing the intake of foods as well as drinks that are highly acidic. One should try and avoid the consumption of lemon juice because it is known to be high in citric acid. Tooth enamel erosion can also be caused by high pH levels in the saliva present in ones mouth. How can you restore tooth enamel would actually depend on the oral hygiene methods that you follow. A natural cure for enamel erosion is to actually prevent it by using a straw while drinking carbonated or acidic beverages as this will allow the liquid to reach the back of one's mouth much faster rather than wash over ones teeth thereby eroding the enamel. Another tooth erosion remedy is to rinse ones mouth thoroughly after the consumption of beverages or food that have a high acidic content. The rinsing of one's mouth with water will help neutralize the acidic effects and will thus prevent enamel erosion. Those people who suffer from tooth enamel erosion on account of having a dry mouth should chew on some sugar free gum to reduce the dryness of the mouth and stimulate the production of saliva. This will also help in naturally enabling the teeth to re-mineralize. Many people are keen on knowing whether teeth enamel can be restored naturally however unfortunately this is not possible. Restoring enamel of teeth is only possible with a dental procedure wherein the dentist will use a material that us sturdy and strong. Nowadays, in order to restore enamel to the teeth, dentists tend to use synthetic or artificial enamels. However one should keep in mind that dentures, laminates, fillings, crowns and acrylic are although commonly used as a form of tooth enamel replacement, they ate not used to restore tooth enamel that has been eroded over a period of time. The replacement of tooth enamel is mostly done by the dentists to fix overlapping teeth, alter the length, shape and height of the teeth and also to reshape the position of the tooth. The first step in tooth erosion repair is to clean the affected tooth with some regular toothpaste.

Once the tooth is clean then the synthetic enamel paste is brushed onto the tooth and then pressed hard by the dentist. By pressing the paste hard onto the tooth, the dentist helps the process of holding and also enabling the crystals of this synthetic tooth enamel to penetrate deep till they reach the tooth. These crystals then tend to hold themselves together and result in the formation of a firm enamel covering the affected tooth. The enamel that is applied in such a manner then covers the natural tooth. Many dentists while applying the enamel will try and match its colour as close as possible to the rest of the teeth so as to give it a natural look. Tooth enamel erosion tends to affect the entire surface of the tooth and if one does not identify and treat this problem early then the tooth structure can be extensively damaged. The damage could be so great that only some expensive cosmetic dentistry will restore the appearance and the functionality of the tooth. Restoring enamel on teeth involves two individual steps. The first step of tooth erosion repair is to identify and thereby eliminate the causes of teeth enamel erosion. The next step to restore enamel to teeth is to treat the symptoms brought on by the erosion of the teeth enamel and then undertake restorative procedures to replace the loss of enamel with the help of a trained and qualified cosmetic dentist. A tooth erosion remedy is also linked to the treatment of GERD or gastric reflux wherein the erosion of the tooth enamel is caused by the high acid content in the mouth. Some people may also suffer from tooth enamel erosion because of bulimia and may have to consult a psychologist to help treat this condition.

In order to restore tooth enamel the dentist may recommend the use of de-sensitising and fluoride treatment toothpastes for a certain period of time. This is more so in the cases wherein the loss of the enamel on the teeth is moderate and does not affect the patient's appearance adversely. These toothpastes tend to be useful in controlling the sensitivity of the tooth which is observed whenever there is erosion of tooth enamel. By enhancing and encouraging the process of re-mineralization by providing minerals such as fluoride, one may even be able to restore tooth enamel in minor cases of enamel erosion. In addition to the prescribed toothpastes for tooth enamel erosion repair, the dentist may also apply some fluoride varnish on the concerned tooth so as to provide it with added protection and also help the repair process of the tooth enamel. One of the ways to prevent tooth enamel erosion is to avoid snacking throughout the day as this tends to adversely affect the tooth. This is because the consumption of food throughout the day would result in the formation of acid in ones mouth. This acid when produced in excess results in erosion of the tooth enamel. Hence if one does eat often during the day, it is essential to rinse the mouth with some plain water immediately after eating a meal or even a snack. Tooth enamel erosion can also be prevented or minimized by the consumption of foods that are rich in calcium such as dairy products like milk, cheese, soy milk, yogurt and so on.

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The enamel that makes up the outer layer of the tooth is considered to be the hardest part of the body. It is impossible to naturally regenerate this substance and is only recently being performed by cosmetic surgeons, but is a very expensive remedy. During an infection or cavity, the high mineral content of the enamel makes it highly susceptible to a demineralization process. Like most dental problems, prevention is much better than cure. However, in the case of enamel erosion, it may be the only option. The diet plays an important role in enamel erosion. A high intake of acidic foods and drinks can lead to a serious erosion rate of the enamel. Some people have faced this problem because of a high level of consumption of lemon juice. Since it is high in citric acid, exorbitant levels of consumption of this otherwise healthy fruit can have dire consequences. The extent of damage the saliva in your mouth can cause to your teeth can be measured by finding out its pH level. Consult your licensed doctor or local health care physician or even dentist to understand how to diagnose the pH level of your saliva. A pH level between 5.5 and 5.7 is found to greatly increase the likelihood of demineralization of the enamel.

Here are a few other tips you could keep in mind to prevent further tooth erosion:

  • If you have eaten or been drinking foods or beverages with a high acidic content, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water to neutralize the acidic effects. It is better to develop this as a general rule to help fight enamel erosion.
  • When drinking acidic substances or carbonated beverages, use a straw as this will allow the fluid to reach the back of your mouth faster instead of it washing over your teeth. In fact, reducing your intake of the beverages will go a long way in ensuring that you keep your teeth for a while longer.
  • Chew on some sugar free gum to reduce dry mouth and to increase the flow of saliva within the mouth. This will also help your teeth re-mineralize.
  • When it comes to dental hygiene, use a soft toothbrush along with a tooth paste that contains fluoride as this helps reduce tooth sensitivity.
  • A number of people have a habit of savoring the taste certain pleasing liquids like juices and punch. However, this could be very bad for your teeth as it increases the rate of enamel erosion.

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