Home remedies for motion sickness problem

Depending upon the specific type of travel (auto, air, train, etc.) and the cause for your motion sickness (mental/emotional, tinnitis, gastro-intestinal, etc.) it is not possible for me to recommend a good home remedy. Often, grated ginger root will alleviate stomach symptoms but have little impact on mental/emotional anxieties.

However, there are some excellent homeopathic remedies which may be considered for nausea with motion. There are between sixty and 160 medicines, so your particular symptoms need to be considered by a trained practitioner. Prominent remedies include Ars., Cocc., Calcarea, and Nux Vomica. However, clinically I've used Tabacum successfully, for many cases of seasickness. Again, your unique symptoms will enable a skilled homeopathic practitioner to choose the best medicine for you.

answered by Dr K B N

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