Natural Cure For Sperm Infection: Hi, I noticed yellow sperm. Is there a cure to stop infection? Is there a pill that I can take? Thanks.

Although sperm and semen are very frequently used interchangeably, there is a vast difference between the two. Ejaculate comprises of two substance, sperm and semen. Semen is primarily the fluid in which the sperm travels to be ejected from the body.

Sperm is produced within the testicles, they then move from this region to the epididymis, where they are stored till they mature. These millions of tiny sperms then move up the vas deferens with the help of the cilia, which are very tiny hair like projections. Now as they travel forward, they come into contact with the semen. This substance (semen) is made up of fluids that come from different parts of the reproductive system. For example, the seminal vesicle produces a fluid that helps in energizing the sperm, so that they can swim on their own. Additionally the prostate is known to secrete about one third of the seminal fluid. With every ejaculation, about two teaspoons of semen is released, which contain millions of sperm.

The color of semen is usually white or varying shades of the same. Yellow or discolored semen could be the outcome of a number of reasons some of which are an infection, consumption of foods that are rich in sulfur such as onions and garlic or due a thickening of the semen if one an has not ejaculated for quite some time. Yellow semen is not that uncommon a phenomenon and a large number of men tend to experience this condition once in a while. However, if your semen is consistently discolored then you may need to consult a physician as soon as possible to prevent further complications.

Additionally the color could also be the result of urine being present in the sperm ducts. This urine then gets mixed with the semen, giving it a yellowish or dark color. Thus the yellowish hue would be an outcome of your urine being yellow in color as well. In this situation your body is probably dehydrated, as a result of which the urine instead of being clear is turning yellow. You will then need to increase the intake of water so that your body is adequately hydrated. Try and drink a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water daily and check the color of the sperm after a few days. If the discoloration is still present, then again, as mentioned earlier you may need to visit a doctor.

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