Retrograde Ejaculation

by Sam Malone

Retrograde ejaculation is not a serious medical condition unless the problem encounters fertility problems. Usually, mot too many men report cases of retrograde ejaculation. It should be taken note of that the condition does not prevent orgasm or ejaculation from happening. Instead, the condition is a manifestation of an abnormal muscle movement inside the body.

What is retrograde ejaculation and how does it develop? You know that the sperm cell is produced inside the man's reproductive system. There is no way the sperm cells can get out of the body unless they embark on fluids that come out. That is semen, the white fluid that goes out of the penis during orgasm. The semen is produced in the prostate and seminal glands. It passes the bladder, the same tube where urine passes.

In the case of retrograde ejaculation, the bladder closes and does not facilitate the ejaculation of the semen. Instead of going out of the body, the semen stays and is stored in the urethra. Thus, the patient would notice that although there is orgasm, there is very little or at times no semen coming out of the penis. Where does the semen go? It stays in the bladder and mixes with urine. Thus, after the orgasm, the patient would notice that his urine becomes cloudy white due to the mixture of the urine and the semen.

There is nothing wrong with retrograde ejaculation. However, experts warn that fertility problems would be an issue. Because the semen is stored in the bladder, of course, sperm cells are also prevented from going out of the body. Without union of sperm cells and egg cells from the woman, there would be no conception or pregnancy.

Medical attention is sought only be men who are aiming to conceive or impregnate their partners. There are several simple medical treatments. An anti-depressant called imipramine is known to help in the medication of the medical condition. Through the medication, it is said that the muscle of the bladder is relaxed, making it more conducive and ready to facilitate the ejaculation process.

Otherwise, surgery would be a viable approach. As much as possible, experts would not advise surgical procedures to treat the condition, but if the patient is truly insistent, then the procedure would be carried out right away. If surgery is also not effective and advisable based on the patient's condition, then artificial insemination would b required if the patient wants his partner to conceive.

Dry orgasm is not a serious medical condition. The patient would see that his sexual performance and drive is not altered and his ego is not affected. There is also no known medical condition that is identified to be a complication of the condition, although some men are really not comfortable being diagnosed with it. If you are suffering from retrograde ejaculation, there is nothing to be scared or be ashamed of. It is a natural medical condition that is beyond anyone's control. The condition does not occur due to improper or unhealthy lifestyle.

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