I have a boil on the anus which is quite painful. Can you suggest some home remedies?

The skin of the human body is multi-layered. The many layers of the skin perform several different functions. The top layer of the skin is the first layer of protection against foreign objects, diseases and infections. The skin is effective at preventing the loss of heat. It is also effective for losing heat when the body is extremely hot. This function of thermoregulation is very important. The skin is the first line of defense for the body. It is exposed to many different substances that it must deal with.

Considering the fact that our skin is exposed to a lot of dirt; the question of what causes boils may seem but natural. A boil is usually an area of skin that is infected and had developed into a bubble shaped protrusion. Boils can occur anywhere on the skin but are common in the genital and anal regions. The reason for anal boils to develop is the fact that the anus is constantly exposed to fecal matter, some of which may carry traces of infection. A lack of proper hygiene and cleaning may cause a boil to develop. Another factor is if the anus gets damaged due to hard motion or aggressive rubbing while cleaning. In this case, the affected skin may be more susceptible to developing a boil on anus and can get infected.

A boil in the anus usually cures itself over a period of time. The problem with leaving the boil alone is that it is uncomfortable. Another issue with such a boil is the fact that it might seep inwards. Boils are usually filled with infected fluid. This fluid, if allowed to enter the blood stream could trigger off a large scale infection in the body of the individual. It is therefore best to seek a home remedy for boils so that they can be cleared quickly and effectively.

One good way of dealing with a boil in the anus is to take a hot water bath. The bath should be as hot as possible without actually scalding the skin. Regular use of a hot water bath will cause heat to be passed to the boil as well. This will lead to a weakening of the skin and the eventual eruption of the boil. A hot compress can also be used while getting rid of boils. This works in the same way as a hot bath. However, a hot bath may also help to kill some of the germs in the area which is beneficial. If the boil is persistent, one should visit a doctor to have it drained or lanced.

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Get a sitz bath and use it several times a day, work up the heat as much as you can and it will come to a head and drain and be gone. You can add Epsom salt to the sitz bath.

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Cumin seed paste is effective in reducing painful boil on the anus.

answered by P P

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