Home remedies for painful vaginal boil

The vagina is a part of the female reproductive system that is the pathway between the uterus and the outside of the body. The visible part of the vagina is the outside part of it which contains several layers of tissues. Above the vaginal opening is the urethral opening where urine is passed out of the female’s body. The vagina is an important sexual organ as the male penis penetrates the woman’s body through the vagina during intercourse. The vagina is also responsible for secretions and is the region from where the blood passes out of the body when a woman is undergoing her monthly menstruation.

Because of these various fluids and also the exposure to the outside air, the vagina can easily become infected. The rate of infection is increases either due to poor hygiene or due to an infection in reproductive tract which presents itself at the vagina.

Warts or boils on the surface of the skin around the vagina could be attributed to poor hygiene or a sexually transmitted infection. These are both unpleasant and must be treated with improved hygiene or medically as per your doctor’s advice. However, if there is a boil under the skin, it is likely that this is a sebaceous cyst. A sebaceous cyst is a sac that forms on or under the skin that gets filled with a whitish liquid that we call pus. These cysts maybe infected or not infected. They occur usually due to a hair follicle that is damaged or has suffered some trauma. It may be that the hair was forcefully pulled out before the cyst formed. Treating such an under-skin cyst is easy. One can take a hot water bath. The heat will encourage the cyst to burst and let out the liquid contained within it. Once this happens, clean the area thoroughly and apply some antiseptic to it so that it does not get infected. You can dilute the antiseptic with water if you want to reduce the burning sensation of applying antiseptic on a wound. Alternatively, you can use a warm compress on the cyst for the same effect. However, be sure not to put too much pressure on the cyst. You want the cyst to be exploding on the surface not under the skin. If the cyst does not heal itself through this technique you may have to visit your doctor to get it surgically removed. The doctor is the only person usually trained to use a sterile needle or pin prick to drain the cyst.

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