Treatment for boils in children

Without knowing the exact location of the boil, recommendations are general.  Boils are the body's attempt to eliminate which is good.  However, once they become infected, it is important to watch for more severe complications of infection, and consult a health care practitioner.

To support the body's elimination process, one can use hydrotherapy to improve circulation.  Three minutes hot/warm compresses and 30 seconds cool/cold compresses repeated three times, several times a day may help to bring the boil to a head, or help the body eliminate.  Also, a poultice with therapeutic clay and antimicrobial herbs such as berberis, hydrastis, calendula, etc. may be helpful.

Chronic boils are an indication of an imbalance and weakened immune system.  Please consult a health care practitioner if this is an ongoing condition.   

answered by Dr K B N

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