what to do for open wound infection

The first thing you should do for treatment of open wounds  like cuts and scratches is try and stop the bleeding by applying pressure on the wound with a clean tissue or cloth. Then wash the infected wound with water and soap or with an antiseptic solution. Most doctors would recommend the application of antibacterial ointments as treatment for open wounds to prevent infections. Besides the conventional creams and ointments there are also a number of natural remedies for open wound healing. Essential oils like clove and tea tree oil help in healing the wounds faster. Calendula and comfrey ointments can also be applied in open wound healings. Another good home treatment for open wounds is camphor powder which can be sprinkled directly on the wound to stop the bleeding, pain and inflammation. It also helps prevent further degeneration of the wound.

The use of turmeric powder is also an effective home remedy for open wound healing. Turmeric contains natural healing properties which help in curing open wounds faster. Turmeric powder can also be applied by warming it in mustard oil. Like turmeric, mustard oil too has antiseptic and antibacterial properties which help in treating inflammation and pain caused by open wounds.

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What are the signs and symptoms of infected wounds?

Wound infections occur when bacteria enter the wound and get attached to the tissues. Infections to wounds make the healing process even harder and also increase the risk of the infection spreading to other parts of the body. Some of the common signs of wound infection include redness, inflammation in and around the wound, pus drainage from the wound, pain and hardening and swelling of the wound. Other symptoms of infected wounds could be fever, chills, malaise, changes in blood pressure and irregular heartbeat. Continuous bleeding and extreme pain could also be some of the signs of wound infection.

The symptoms of infected wound should be reported to the doctor at the earliest in order to avoid health complications that could result from it. The signs of wound infection vary from person to person. People who suffer from conditions like diabetes, immune system disorders like HIV/AIDS, those who have a poor blood supply and even those who have undergone surgery tend to develop wound infections more often than others. People suffering from the above conditions would need to consult a doctor at the earliest and get immediate treatment for the symptoms of the infected wound. Early treatment will also help avoid further complicated conditions from arising.

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How can I prevent a wound from getting infected?

One of the ways of preventing a wound infection or even treating an infected wound is to ensure that you wash your hands often for at least 30 seconds each time using an antibacterial soap. While treating an infected wound you should try to clean up the wound as much as possible with some disinfectant and gauze and thereafter apply an antiseptic cream or even a lotion. Once this is done, the wound should be wrapped with some clean cotton gauze. For preventing a wound infection you should also apply some turmeric powder to the wound or have some milk with some turmeric powder in it every day. This is an effective treatment to prevent a wound from getting infected because turmeric is known to be both an antiseptic as well as a disinfectant.

Honey is also known to be effective in treating an infected wound as it contains certain enzymes which are beneficial against getting rid of the infection as well as treating the wound. Honey should be applied on the wound and then covered with gauze for at least an hour. Home remedies for treating an infected wound also include mincing some onions and then applying this onion paste on the wound. Onions are known to have chemical properties that aid in clearing the wound of any infection.

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Are there any first aid measures to treat open wounds?

The most important first aid for open wounds is to try and keep the wound free from dirt, dry and consequently free from any infection. One of the home remedies for open wounds is to sprinkle some camphor powder on the area around the wound. This aids in stopping the bleeding and also provides relief from the pain and inflammation and any further degeneration of the open wound. Turmeric is also known to be one of the simplest but most effective home remedies for open wounds. Ideally you should consume a glass of warm milk to which half a teaspoon of turmeric has been added as this helps in preventing any possible complication that may arise because of undetected blood loss that may have occurred within the body. As a first aid for open wounds you could also warm some turmeric in mustard oil and then apply this mixture on the open wound. This home remedy is effective in treating open wounds because it helps in minimizing the swelling and the pain on account of the wound and also prevents any further blood loss. The use of aloe vera is also effective as one of the home remedies for open wounds as it promotes cellular repair and also minimizes the inflammation.

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  • If signs of infection develops like increased pain , swelling , redness or tenderness or
  • If heat or red streaks extendign from the wound or
  • If discharge of pus is present or
  • If you are getting fever of 100 degree with no ohter clause

Please consult your physian for antibiotics.

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