Is there any connection between diet coke and stiffness? I was drinking a lot of diet coke and had terrible stiffness. Now that I haven't had a diet coke in 3 weeks the stiffness seems to be better.

Yes, there can be a connection between what you eat (or drink) and joint pain and stiffness. Often, the body stores toxins in joint capsules when it cannot eliminate them easily.

Carbonated beverages, in general, contain phosphoric acid which tends to leach minerals from bones and other tissues as our body tries to maintain a proper pH balance. (Think about the phosphoric acid cleaning agents used to dissolve minerals in your shower!)In dietbeverages, the synthetic sugars are not recognized by the body asnutritive substances and are thereby treated as toxins. One has only to read thescientific literature on artifical sweeteners and other additives to identify the links to chronic diseases.The caffeine in many types ofcarbonated beverages is a stimulant which can increase blood sugars and fat storage. Caffeine also may contribute to increased heart rate, high blood pressure and mood alterations. Of course, many people "elf-medicate" with caffeine, so this is not a new phenomenon.

Healthier beverage choices would be pure/filtered water, herbal teasor green tea. Although green tea typically contains some caffeine, it also contains many helpful antioxidants.

answered by Dr K B N

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