When a child has asthma can i help with a vaporizer?

If your child is suffering from asthma, he/she probably experiences symptoms like breathlessness, chest congestion, difficulty in breathing and wheezing. asthma is a common respiratory disorder and has a variety of causes. Most often, asthma arises from allergic reactions, bacterial infections and emotional distress. It is essential to protect your child from several potential infections in his/her everyday environment. Many factors in your child’s everyday environment could lead to an asthma attack. For instance, dust mites, animal fur and pollen are major factors that induce an asthma attack. There are also several kinds of food that your child could be allergic to and this could also lead to an asthma attack. Foods like dressings, processed foods, mayonnaise and margarine could all be a cause of allergies. Take care to protect your child from all kinds of smoke. Ensure that no one in the house smokes around him/her and try not to use fireplaces or stoves that require firewood indoors. To protect your child from dust mites, try to cover pillows and mattresses with allergen-proof covers. Ensure that your child’s sheets are washed frequently and in hot water. Avoid keeping stuffed toys in your child’s room or wash them frequently to keep them from collecting allergens. Remove any carpeting in your child’s room.

You can care for your child’s asthma at home using a vaporizer although this depends on the severity of your child’s asthma and on his/her age. You should consult your pediatrician about the feasibility of treating your child’s asthma with a vaporizer. Doctors generally do not recommend the use of a vaporizer for treating asthma in children that are too young. Since a vaporizer converts solid substances into gas or vapor for the purpose of inhalation through a heating mechanism, there are chances of serious burns when younger children are involved. Ensure that you clean the equipment frequently and thoroughly as vaporizers tend to accumulate mold and other deposits that need to be periodically removed.

There are several herbs you can use in the vaporizer in the treatment of asthma. Essential oils used in the vaporizer help relieve asthma symptoms. The herb hyssop, belonging to the mint family is very effective when used in a vaporizer. It helps relieve symptoms like cough and chest congestion. The herb marjoram is also an effective remedy for asthma when used in a vaporizer. Eucalyptus and menthol are also very effective in treating symptoms of asthma. These herbs help clear the bronchial tubes and provide relief from symptoms like breathlessness and cough.

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