How to cure frequent belching?

If you are experiencing frequent belching, then you could be facing excessive gas or suffering from extreme indigestion. The best way to tackle the situation is to go to the root of the problem, once you are clear about why you are suffering, you will be able to take care of the problem more effectively and quickly. One of the commonest reasons for excessive belching is the tendency to eat large boluses of food. If you are used to eating large bites of food, then you should remember that while swallowing, you also tend to swallow air with it. This leads to the problem of belching quite frequently and easily. The reason is that the air you have ended up swallowing tends to come back up, rather than travel downwards into your system. You should try to start eating smaller morsels of food to begin with. It is possible that the largest part of your problem may just be resolved while taking this small measure. Another common reason for belching frequently is that you may be chewing your food a little less than you should be. People who do not chew their food thoroughly and completely before swallowing it will tend to belch frequently. There is an old adage you need to keep in mind while eating. Drink your food and eat your water. This simply means that you should chew so thoroughly while eating that your food becomes watery before you swallow it. Conversely, you should sip water slowly and evenly. It would do you well to remind yourself of this adage each time before you sit down to eat. You should also make it a point to eat very slowly. This may take up more time than you intend to give to this activity, but it will end up helping out with your problem. Salivary glands in your mouth secrete saliva which contains enzymes that break down your food. As most of these glands are located in your jaw area, chewing your food activates them and they produce saliva. If you do not chew your food sufficiently, less saliva is produced and therefore your food does not break down as much as it should. This means that your food will take longer to digest and so you will have more problems with gas.

You can also take some simple measures that will help to deal with your condition at home. Chewing on mint leaves will help to deal with your belching, as mint leaves are well known to help with getting rid of gas. You can also make it a point not to have any water with your meals. This also ends up in you swallowing a lot of air with your food. Try also to avoid drinking water for at least an hour after you have eaten.

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