How to become fair I am wheatish complexion?

Generally, a "wheatish" complexion is considered to be rather fair. Why do you want your skin to be still fairer? You have not mentioned any skin problems, and if you have clear, smooth, glowing skin, then that should really be enough. Having clear, healthy skin is much more important than skin color, and not just from a health perspective, but from a beauty perspective too. You can have the fairest possible skin, but if it is not healthy skin, it will not look as beautiful as dark skin that is healthy. Finally, skin color does not matter at all, even though some people have prejudices and misconceptions against dark skin.

In any case, there is very little you can do to whiten your skin. Skin color is determined naturally by your genes, and it can become darker by the process of tanning, but it cannot become lighter than its natural color. The only way you can lighten your skin is if it has become tanned – in this case, it is possible for your skin to become lighter till it reaches its natural color. However, you should remember that this too is not fully within your control. There are some home remedies that are thought to get rid of a tan.. Unfortunately, they work extremely slowly, and many people would consider them not worth the effort and time. In any case, if you have a tan, it will gradually fade away over time, as long as you limit your exposure to sunlight from now on. Depending on how strong the tan is (since your complexion is already quite light, you probably dont have much of a tan), it may take a month or two, or up to a year, for the tan to disappear. Once the tan is gone, your skin will be its natural color, as determined by your genes - you cannot lighten it any further.

One skin lightening home remedy is a mixture of honey, sandalwood powder, and turmeric powder – this needs to be massaged into your skin for a few minutes, left on for half an hour, and then washed off with plain water. You can also rub lemon juice and honey on your skin, but this may cause your skin to darken if you go into sunlight immediately afterwards. Make sure that you use a good sunscreen lotion regularly to avoid tanning. Apply your sunscreen lotion about 30 minutes before you leave home to increase its efficacy.

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