My father has mild cirrhosis of liver, diabetis and jaundice. Can u tell me what diet to give?

When a person is diagnosed with having diabetes the most important part of the treatment is the diet that they have to follow. Most doctors and nutrition experts are of the opinion that there is no fixed diet plan for all diabetes patients. Instead each patient must come up with a diet plan for himself. So, you will have to arrive at a diet plan for your father. You should remember that your father should be encouraged to eat the same amount of food every single day since this helps stabile the blood sugars. Your father should be encouraged to eat food items like cereal, bread. He should also eat fruits and vegetables every day. While the fruit can be eaten without any dressing or added sugar, he can have stir fried vegetables. He should, as you are probably aware, avoid eating sweets. If he can maintain control over himself, he can eat sweets, as long as it is done in moderation. Your father should begin to exercise regularly, so that he can be healthier. If he is a smoker, it is advisable that he quit the habit. Although consumption of alcohol in moderation is accepted, in the case of your father, since he suffers from cirrhosis of liver, this should be completely avoided. It is our liver that helps us digest food. When a person suffers from Cirrhosis of the liver, this ability is weakened. Therefore patients will have to eat food that can be easily digested.

You should give him food cooked in the minimum of oil. Avoid greasy food items and spicy goods. Instead, encourage him to eat green leafy vegetables and fruits. However, he will definitely benefit from drinking fresh buttermilk, with a small amount of salt mixed in. He will have to reduce his daily intake of salt. He will also have to stay away from food items like chocolates, meats of any kind, eggs and processed food. Food items that contain white flour, cheese and sugar should be completely avoided. In all these conditions, the body is weakened and your father may easily get infections. For this reason it is advisable that he eat only home cooked food. He should avoid eating food from outside. Special care should be taken of the water that he drinks. While regular exercise of a mild form is recommended, it is advisable to wait before your father is completely recovered before he starts these exercises.

answered by G M

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