I have pain in my upper abdomen that's contractual and it burns when it comes. On a pain scale it's about an 81/2. I've been to ER for it before but they couldn't find the problem. It is very debilitating. It seems better when I vomit.

Your symptom sounds like a typical case of a stomach ulcer. However, please do not treat this statement as a diagnosis. You are advised to begin taking care of the situation by consulting a family physician and going for a complete health check up under the guidance of the same. This will tell you whether or not you can come to any conclusions. The complete health check up will also include things like an X- ray in all probability. It will also do an internal test as well as a stool lab test which will reveal what the problem is. Basically, there are many tests that will be done and a proper conclusion can be reached at only after seeing them all. Even if you do not have an ulcer, there are some easy remedial measures you can take at home to ensure that the problem is taken care of at least momentarily. The first thing you must do is try to control your diet. Stop eating spicy and oily food, which would in all likelihood be the culprits that would cause extra acidity in your stomach, this will automatically take care of the "burning" part of the described ailment.

The next thing you must do is increase your intake of yogurt. There are live and active bacteria in yogurt that can work very effectively towards neutralizing excessive acid in your body. This will help to fight the acidity and make you feel a lot better almost within a day. You can prepare thin buttermilk made with one tablespoon of whipped yogurt that has been blended into a liter of water and keep sipping from this. This will also work towards helping to reduce acidity and soothing your stomach to a large extent. Eating fresh fruits will also help to make you feel better. In particular, apples are very good for any kind of stomach problems. They will not only help to neutralize the acid content in your stomach, they will also work towards strengthening your digestion process. Grapes are another fruit which will also help in the same way. Stay away from citrus fruits as they will produce more acid and probably work towards worsening your condition. You should also make it a habit to drink lots of water on a daily basis. This too will help with your condition. Water tends to dilute acid in the body and make you feel better too.

answered by G R

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