Is water mixed with sugar preparation good for low bood pressure?

Low blood pressure or hypotension refers to a medical condition in which the pressure of the blood flowing in the arteries is low. Low blood pressure is caused by dehydration, certain medical conditions, strokes of the heart, any change in the body during pregnancy and even consumption of certain medications. Inadequate diet, which is deficient in Vitamins especially Vitamin B and C can also lead to low blood pressure. Emotional stress and depression have also been connected to low blood pressure. Symptoms of low blood pressure include fatigue, a feeling of light headedness, dizziness and sometimes the person may even faint. If you are consistently recording a blood pressure that is 90/ 60 mm Hg or anything lower, then it is a cause of concern and you should take steps to remedy it. You can rely on several simple home remedies that can increase blood pressure.  

In order to treat low blood pressure, it is important to have a healthy balanced diet and a relatively stress-free lifestyle. You should ensure that your diet is rich in the essential nutrients, especially proteins, Vitamin C and Vitamin B and you should consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grain cereals, eggs, chicken and meat. It is also important to keep your body well hydrated by drinking a lot of water and fresh fruit juices. Coconut water is rich in essential nutrients and you can drink the water of 1 coconut daily to prevent and treat low blood pressure. To treat low blood pressure immediately you can also dissolve 1 spoon of glucose or even sugar in a glass of water and drink it. This will provide instant energy and boost your blood pressure. Alternately you can dissolve 1/s tsp of salt in 1 glass of water. However to treat low blood pressure in the long run, remedies with longer lasting effects should be used.  In addition to this, you can also drink the juice of beetroot once a day. This shows results within a week. You can continue this treatment till your blood pressure stabilizes. Indian spikenard is also effective in increasing blood pressure. You can consume 30 to 40 grains of Indian Spikenard with a pinch of camphor and cinnamon once a day. Alternately you can prepare an infusion with 15 to 20 g of this herb in 250 ml boiling water which can be consumed thrice a day for best results. Finally remember to follow a healthy lifestyle, with regular exercise and adequate rest and avoid unnecessary stress.

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