Suffering Or Recovering from Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Suggest foods that are allowed and not allowed for pulmonary tuberculosis

If you are suffering from or recovering from pulmonary tuberculosis, then the one point plan you have to follow is to keep your system taxed as little as possible. In order to do this, you would have to ensure that you keep you food intake light and easy to digest. To begin with, we can look at what all foods you should totally avoid when you are suffering from this disease. Heavy foods which are fried, sugary bakery products, breads, and all sources of simple carbohydrates are to be strictly avoided. These are not only difficult to digest, they also do not contain too many nutrients that you would need while suffering or recovering from pulmonary tuberculosis. You must totally eliminate all meat from your diet. This will only add to the burden on your already delicate system. Besides, meat does not really provide any nutrients that would not be otherwise provided by a vegetarian diet. So you can safely stay away from it altogether. The only thing you can have is simple chicken broth with a pinch of turmeric powder and salt to taste, and that too only if it is freshly made. This will help to give you strength and heal from within.

As far as possible, you should stick to a fresh fruit and vegetable diet. Since pulmonary tuberculosis renders the capacity of your body to absorb calcium to a minimum, you would need to make sure that you get sufficient quantities of calcium. The most easily absorbable source of calcium is tofu, or soya bean curd. This is hardly palatable in taste, but is extremely good for you. Even if you can have 50 grams a day, it will be of great help. The next thing you must make it a point to have is lots of yogurt. There is a popular story which says that milk is the richest source of calcium. But this is not true of adults - it works only for small children. Instead of milk, you can try to have yogurt instead. This is far superior in calcium count and is also more easily absorbed in the body. All fresh green leafy vegetables are good for you to eat while suffering from this debilitating disease, as these are also good sources of calcium. You must also make it a point to eat fruits like apples. These will also help you to recover and will also improve your immunity greatly.

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