Can Asthma kill someone when it attacked frequently?

Asthma is an extremely serious disease, and it needs to be kept under a constant monitor. In order to understand how to deal with asthma, it is essential to understand how the disease works. The problem with people who have asthma is that they find is difficult to exhale, rather than inhale. This is caused due to an inflammation of the airways. Sometimes, even the lungs are in this state constantly for a patient of asthma. This could be what happens to the lungs every time there is an attack. If left uncontrolled, then it is possible that this could prove to be fatal as well. However, this would happen only with one severe attack of asthma. To answer your question about whether asthma will kill when it attacks frequently, the answer would be indeterminate. If you are frequently affected and are suffering from asthma attacks on a regular basis, then your lungs as well as general capacity to breathe would be severely hampered. A higher frequency accompanied with a severe attack could very well prove to be fatal in any case. However, there is nothing definite about this. In some cases, people with severe asthma can also survive strong attacks and live long and healthy lives.

There are various ways to control the disease. The obvious one would be to use asthma sprays. These sprays are to be sprayed directly into the throat when the patient suffering an attack. While they do nothing to control the inflammation, sprays will work at smoothening the airways and passageways used by air to get into and out of the lungs. This alone instantly facilitates breathing, and provides relief. However, the root of the problem to be tackled is not really affected in such cases. You would need to take care of the state of inflammation that your airways find them in constantly. This state could happen due to any reason. Asthma always has a trigger of some sort. Your trigger could be anything from allergies, dust, perfume, a cold, or just an emotional reaction to something. In order to cure the disease from its roots, you should try to tackle the roots. One of the best methods to use for taking care of asthma is using honey. It can be taken by mouth and the smell of honey is also considered to be an excellent way to cure asthma. But do keep in mind that medical assistance is always a requirement in cases of asthma.

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