i am 37 years old. I am having rapid hair fall on washing and combing my hair. is this because of change of water. please suggest what should i do.

Hair fall can occur for a number of reasons. In your case it is possible that high chlorine content of water has caused hair loss. But shifting itself can cause stress, hormonal changes and cause hair loss so it is difficult to pinpoint one single factor causing hair loss. It could be a combination of these factors.

  • Take care of your hair and your health- Eat balanced healthy meals at regular eating hours, exercise and generally lead a healthy lifestyle, and your hair loss will subside.
  • Make sure to include foods rich in vitamin A, C, iron, calcium and zinc.
  • Since stress can aggravate hair loss, involve yourself in de-stress activities. Practise pranayam or breathing exercises.

A natural remedy you could try:

answered by P P

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