How to get rid of dead skin on back naturally

Our skin is made up of several layers. Each of these layers has a variety of functions. These functions consist of defending against external factors and also regulating the temperature of the body. Our skin periodically renews itself, giving rise to the dead cells on our body. Our body is equipped to get rid of these dead cells and they fall off on their own. However, sometimes our body requires some help to get rid of the dead cells. The help that we can provide our body is in the form of regular exfoliation of scrubs. This not only reduces the collection of the dead cells but also helps to stimulate our skin, ensuring that new cells grow.

When too much dead cells build up on our body, they become a barrier and they prevent our body from sweating. This means that your sweat is locked inside your body. This can lead to various unpleasant side effects like the appearance of acne and pimples. That is why it is absolutely necessary that you take care of your skin and ensure that the dead cells are periodically removed form the body.

When you exfoliate your skin, not only are the dead cells removed, but the skin is provided with some absolutely essential nutrients. Once you have cleansed your skin with the exfoliation technique you should also use a good cleanser to remove the dirt that has become embedded in your skin. This step ensures that you keep down the chances of getting an infection. After this cleansing you should use a good quality moisturized to ensure that the open pores of your skin are closed so that they don't let in dust and other particles.

This last step of moisturizing is very important since the moisturizer that you use actually provides your body with the nutrients that your skin needs. The moisturizer ensures that your skin looks hydrated and does not suffer from dehydration.

As you can see it is absolutely essential that you put into place a regular skin care regime since this will keep your skin looking healthy.

You can make an effective exfoliating scrub at home by mixing two tablespoons each of oatmeal, sugar and brown sugar. You can add half a cup of almond oil and apply to the back. This will need to be left on the skin for some time and can be washed with warm water later.

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