Can dizziness and a wisdom tooth that needs to be removed all be related?

Yes, it is possible that if you have an infected tooth that you have been neglecting, it is causing pain and other related problems. You have to remember that when your teeth are affected and when they suffer from some kind of problems, this invariably does spread to other parts of your body. If your wisdom tooth is infected and you have been neglecting to get it pulled, then it is possible that the infection has spread. It frequently happens that when you have an infection of some kind in your teeth, you tend to neglect it. As a result of this neglect the infection usually spreads to other parts of your mouth. The infection could spread to the other teeth around the infected one. If the infection remains undetected, then it may spread further and affect other parts of your body. Very often people also find that their hearing is affected by an untreated tooth. You can also have skin eruptions when the infection spreads to your face. It is advisable that you get your self checked by a dentist at the very earliest.

You can also try some home remedies that will give you some relief and also help reduce the side effects of the infection. You can use warm, salted water to gargle. This will help control the infection. For this reason you can also use some turmeric powder in the warm water that you use to gargle. If you are able to identify the tooth causing such agony, you can use an ice bag with very good results. Wrap some ice cubes in a thin cotton cloth and hold this against the side that hurts. You can also heat a folded towel on a heated pan and use to for some soothing hot fomentations. A wet tea bag is a great way to draw out the pain from an infected tooth so you can steep a tea bag in some warm water and then lay this on the infected tooth.. Cloves are effective in reducing pain and you can allow the juice of a clove to work on your tooth by sucking a couple of cloves.

Your sore throat could be caused by some mild infection that you have picked up. You can use hot water to ease the throat. The gargling will soothe your throat as well as your tooth. You can also eat a few cloves of raw garlic, mixing them well in your food. Fresh ginger is also very effective in soothing a sore throat and you can make an infusion of ginger boiled in water. The liquid can be strained and drunk with some honey added to it.

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