How Long Does It Take To Recover From Heat Exhaustion? Suggest Any Home Remedies To Get Cured From Heat Exhaustion?

If you are indeed suffering from heat exhaustion, then your suffering would totally depend upon to degree of severity of your problem. If you are unduly excessively affected, it may last for days. Sometimes, all you need is a good night's sleep and you will be fine. But chances are that this may not always be possible because once you are suffering from heat exhaustion, sleep is usually difficult to come by. This is primarily because heat strokes manifest themselves in the form of headaches and do not allow you to sleep comfortably or properly. In bad cases of heat stroke, it is advisable to refrain from exerting yourself to begin with. You should rest, as this will give your body a chance to recover more speedily. You should also take to drinking large quantities of water as this usually help to deal with the dehydration that is one of the most typical causes of heat stroke. As a matter of fact, make it a point to drink about a liter of water every hour to help fight your heat stroke better. You should also consume foods that have cooling tendencies such as cucumber or its juice, or honeydew melons. These will go a long way towards helping with heatstroke.

Massaging your head with coconut oil is also considered very helpful in getting rid of heat stroke. Coconut oil has cooling properties that will help to gradually bring down the alleviated temperature within your body, thus making it easier for you to recover. Make it a point to massage your scalp very thoroughly with this oil. If you can, leave it on overnight, allowing it to work slowly and gradually. Drinking coconut water is also considered to be an ideal way to get rid of heat strokes. Eating the flesh of a freshly cracked green coconut will heal you very quickly as well, as it has tremendous healing properties. You can also make a drink with raw mangoes, which are very useful in the cure of heat strokes. Peel and roughly chop a raw mango and boil it in two glasses of water till the water is reduced to half. Coo, add sugar and salt to your taste, and drink chilled. This is an ideal summer drink that will help to heal you extremely fast and effectively. You can also make a drink of cool milk to which you have added ground almonds and dried rose petals.

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