Heat Rashes In Children And Adults: Can You Recommend Anything For A Heat Rash?

Heat rashes can be of many kinds. Some of them just appear momentarily, because of reasons such as excessive sweating or wearing too tight clothing. These are the kind of heat rashes that will gradually disappear on their own in a couple of hours if you just cool the surface temperature of your skin down. You can do this by simply taking off your clothes and sitting in an air conditioned room, or an otherwise cool room. This should suffice in getting rid of these momentary rashes. But all of the measures mentioned here would have to be taken as soon as the rash develops, otherwise it will get a chance to get deep inside your skin and increase further.

In such cases, you would have to take some stronger measures to get rid of the rash. Check to see if the rash has turned into a profusion of tiny red bumps that are prone to itching and burning. If this is the case, you can begin remedial measures by applying prickly heat powder. This will not only ease the itching sensation, it will also cool your skin, as prickly heat powders are designed to so this. Usually, it is better to use a mentholated one rather than a plain one. If you cannot find any prickly heat powder, you can also use a baby powder to dust off your body after a bath. Not only will this prevent excessive sweating, it will also help with the prickly heat to some extent. Another effective remedy is to soak in a tub of cool water to which a gallon of buttermilk has been added. The bacteria present in buttermilk will work to remove prickly heat effectively. Alternately, you can also add rosewater to your bath water. This also helps to cool down the temperature of your body.

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