I have 13.6 mm calculus in lower region (vesico-ureteric junction) please advice.

The only known and accepted medical solution for your condition is surgery. Since the calculus present is also quite large in size, there is no reason why you should be delaying the procedure. However, sometimes whether or not you can opt for surgery depends completely upon your age and related medical factors. Since you are writing to ask this question, it can safely be assumed that you are not a child. This condition is commonly prevalent in childhood. For most part, it may also be a birth defect. However, that is not to say that adults do not suffer from it. Since you have not mentioned your age or any other medical condition you may be suffering from, surgery can only be suggested. It would take a complete overall medical examination to reveal if you can or cannot actually go for a surgical procedure. It would be advisable for you to consider this possibility strongly and without any further delay. Letting this condition lie will only add to complications. The possibilities of internal urinary tract infection become higher as the condition is left untreated. You may also suffer from kidney scarring and irreversible damage to this delicate organ. Another common side effect is also high blood pressure, which can happen due to an abundance of waste products in your kidneys at all times.

If surgery is not an option for you, the only thing you can possibly do for your condition is to manage your pain. Although pain management is not a commonly heard of phenomenon, it is one that you will find very useful in this case. This condition can be highly painful and can actually cause more discomfort than anything else. As a matter of fact, mostly people feel that they are suffering from acute urinary tract infection when struck with it. You may be experiencing severe discomfort and pain while urinating. Another painful symptom is an excessive burning sensation in the kidney region and all along the urinary tract. Pain in the flanks is also a very common symptom of this problem. You may find that yoga will help you with managing your pain and to some extent even controlling it. This does not indicate however, that you will able to find a cure in yoga. On the contrary, meditation techniques may help you to an extent that you think you have been cured. But do not lull yourself into believing this.

answered by G M

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