Facts & Reasons of Frequent Chest Infections

The reason for suffering from frequent chest infections would depend on a variety of factors. One of the commonest reasons for this is the weather where you live. If you live on a coastal place, which is close to the sea, it is possible that this is a reason you have been getting frequent infections. Sometimes, people are also genetically prone to continually catching certain types of infections. You can check your family history and see if you fall in that category. Another very common reason for developing frequent chest infections is also consuming excessive cold things. This is a reason often overlooked by most people, but it is a very strong one. Especially in the summers, when it is too hot, people have a tendency to come in out of the heat and drink something long and cold at once. The body can sometimes not make the instant balance between extremely high and then plunging temperatures. This leads to congestion and all kinds of chest infections rather frequently. You should also take care that you do not come out of high heat into excessively air conditioned environment. This sudden transition is also not good for your general health.

The "load of a small ball" you describe in your tummy could also have many reasons for being there. It is always better to get yourself medically examined in order to determine what exactly this is, since it is not safe to venture a guess. It could be a classic case of prolonged indigestion which is making you feel this way. In this case, you would have to change your eating habits to get rid of this. It could also be something more than simple indigestion. But as said before, it is unsafe to venture an uneducated guess without a proper medical examination.

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