Hidradenitis suppurativa at the groin area

I have knots that come up in my groin area. I have had this for many years. They can be very painful and will drain a yellowish liquid what can I do for this problem?

The medical term used to define the problem you have described is Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Hidradenitis is a condition wherein little bumps or boils form at the base of hair follicles. This generally happens in areas where there is dense growth of coarse primary hair, such as the pubic or groin area, or the armpits. The draining of a yellowish liquid is also a common occurrence when these boils burst. The condition typically occurs in areas that have skin rubbing constantly and those which are not really exposed. What happens is that sweat or any other products that you may be applying or using pushes into the skin and causes abrasions. Then these turn into angry red boils which are called Hidradenitis. When the boils become too big, they can also burst and drain. Altogether, the condition is not normally painful, but it could be.

Unfortunately, there is no cure available for Hidradenitis. If it is detected early, what can be done is that the worst of the symptoms can be controlled. But your case sounds like it has gone this far without being detected, so what you can do is take care of it yourself. The next best alternative you would have is to go for surgery, which is the only plausible way of getting rid of these boils. But it is important for you to know that there is no guarantee that they will not recur at some point even after you have had them surgically removed. For self care as well, all you can do is maintain cleanliness and keep your hair in the areas trimmed short. Do not shave, as this will aggravate the condition further. When you have accompanying swelling, you can apply cool compresses to bring it down. If that does not work, you can apply hot compresses. Wash the entire area at least twice a day.

answered by G M

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