Home remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis (BV): I was diagnosed with BV in the past. Now I cannot afford to go to the doctor, because I can't afford it. Are there any home remedies, and if so what. THANK YOU

If you have a chronic bacterial vaginosis, it is indicative of an immune system that is weakened. Therefore it is imperative that you take good care of your immune system and support it by consuming an apt diet. Many probiotic powders and food stuffs are available in the market. Take a lot of probiotic food stuff to encourage the growth of friendly bacteria in your vaginal area. These friendly bacteria help in maintaining the self; cleansing system of the vagina.

The vaginal area has many resident bacteria. The vaginal area is self cleaning because of these bacteria. However, if the amount of bacteria increases in the vaginal area, an infection called Bacterial vaginosis is caused. This excessive growth of bacteria is one of the commonest causes of vaginal discharge. Usually doctors prescribe the drug metronidazole for this infection. Clindamycin is another drug that is popular for treatment of this infection.

As a home remedy, make a solution of water and boric acid. Take a douching bottle and douche with this solution. Boric acid is very acidic however, when mixed with water, the acidity gets decreased. Boric acid can be obtained in the form of capsules in various drug stores.

Take half a cupful of apple cider vinegar. Mix it up with warm water and use it to douche your vagina. This can help regain the acid base balance in your vagina and get rid of unwanted bacteria.

Bacteria growth can also happen if the pH balance of the vagina gets disturbed. A providone - iodine douche can help in regaining the pH balance of the vagina, causing the extra growth of bacteria to be eliminated. These medicated douches can also be purchased in drug stores. You can also prepare the douche at home. Simply mix about three spoons of povidone-iodine with a bottleful of warm water. Use this solution to douche yourself. Keep repeating for the next ten days until the itching and discomfort is completely gone.

The pH imbalance can keep fostering the growth of bacteria. It is a good idea to take acidophilus capsules twice a day to maintain the pH balance in the vagina.

Though home remedies can provide you temporary relief, bacterial vaginosis may re-occur if the bacteria are not completely eliminated. Therefore if your symptoms keep continuing for more than ten days, a doctor should be consulted and proper medication should be immediately taken.

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I had BV for a long time and it was really bad, but I am extremely happy to say that now its been completely cured, as I had read in a lot of articles that yogurt, curd, buttermilk contain probiotics that help body regain its natural microbial flora, I increased my daily buttermilk intake. Thus, I recommend a glass of buttermilk, per day for getting rid of BV.

If you do not get ready buttermilk, you just have to take two spoons of yogurt, mix well and add drinking water to make a glass full of buttermilk. This is really an effective way, rather than taking tablets and other medications.

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