I have a burning sensation at back of nose and throat and in my eyes?

The description you have provided does not proffer the possibility of formulating any conclusive decision about what is wrong with you. There could be any number of reasons that are responsible for your condition, ranging from general irritation caused by dust, to an oncoming cold, to something more serious. The best thing for you to do at this point would be to get a medical examination in order to eliminate any serious problem completely. A complete medical examination would include a complete ear, nose, throat check, which will reveal any anomaly you might be experiencing.

If you are generally irritated for a long period of time, which is to say, anything more than a month, then it is extremely important that you not neglect your condition and seek medical attention immediately. The symptoms you have described sound more like allergies to something in your environment. Meanwhile, you could try to see if there is any change in your immediate environment which could have triggered this particular burning sensation. It is possible that there is a subtle change you might have missed out on, and this seems to be the most likely reason for your experience. If this is the case, try to rectify it.

answered by G M

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