I get butt pimples that leave dark spots and on my back and legs. How can I remove it permanently with home remedies or your suggestion?

The pimples and the ensuing Effective remedies for are indications of a skin disorder medically known as folliculitis. Folliculitis is also known as barber's itch or hot tub folliculitis. It occurs when follicles on the skin are inflammed. In addition to leaving dark spots, the infection might also lead to hair loss as well.

Typical symptoms for follculitis include red bumps that occur around the hair follicles and itchiness. At times, blisters full of pus appear. These crack open after a while and then lead to the formation of a crust. Wet a cloth with warm water and apply it frequently to the affected areas. You can also apply an oatmeal lotion to sooth the skin. Make sure that you wash your skin with antibacterial soap. If the pimples burst, take a soft cloth, soak it in warm salt water and dab the cloth on the affected area for around 30 minutes quite frequently during the day. Also, do not shave the skin that's irritating you. If you just have to shave, shave by using an electric razor and see to it that you apply an aftershave lotion that soothes the skin. Lastly, avoid tight clothing. It maybe the fashion of the day but if your skin cannot stand it, you had better leave the clothing on the stand.

answered by M W

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