What can I use to get rid of small pimples all over my back, chest, arms etc?

Pimples forming in this fashion are usually brought on by dead skin cells that refuse to shed and clog the pores, thereby not allowing the skin to breathe freely. The best solution for this problem is exfoliation. Dampen the body and use a mix of sugar and oil with a paste like consistency to thoroughly scrub the affected area, followed by washing off with soap and warm water. The soap must also be applied and scrubbed thoroughly. It is preferable to use a loofah to rub the soap into your body, since this will exfoliate the skin further. The benefits of scrubbing include fresh, clean and glowing skin, open pores that help your body to pump out toxins more effectively and pumped up blood circulation. In order to keep the pimples from reappearing, you can add a spoon of dried and ground orange peels to the scrub. A few drops of lime or lemon juice can also be added to the scrub for the same purpose. Lime juice, which is natural bleach, will also help in disinfecting the general area.

You may need to ask someone for help with your back. This routine works best if followed on a weekly basis. However, for severe conditions, you may try it every alternate day, and move to a weekly schedule once results are seen.

answered by G M

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