Swollen Ankles & Feet Due To Urinary Tract Infection

Under most normal circumstances, a simple urinary tract infection should not give you swollen ankles and feet. This sort of thing would happen most likely if you have an accompanying kidney infection as well. If there is any problem with your kidneys, the first manifestation of the problem would be in terms of swollen ankles and feet. since the kidneys are a vital and delicate organ and need to be taken care of in order for you to live a long and healthy life, you should not waste any time and get a proper medical examination done at once. This will reveal if you are troubled with any sort of kidney trouble. Keep in mind that the sooner you catch the problem, the better your chances of a complete and full recovery. In some extremely rare and complicated cases of an advanced urinary tract infection, you may also find that you are suffering from the symptom of swollen ankles and feet. Usually, this would typically happen when you have left your urinary tract infection fester for too long and this infection has managed to reach backwards and make an entry into your kidneys as well.

You can adopt a few easy remedial measures to take care of a simple case of water retention that could have possibly led to swollen ankles and feet. start drinking excessive and large quantities of water on a daily basis. This will allow your body to flush out extra water that has been retained via the simple process of urination. You should also cut back on your salt intake for a few days and see if this helps. Eating too much salt can also lead to water retention. Water retention is a very strong reason for swelling in the ankles or the feet. Typically, when you are suffering from any sort of urinary tract or kidney infection, you will find that water retention is an automatic side effect of this. Another very good way to deal with extra water in the body is to exercise. If possible, you should try to do aerobic exercises for about 30 minuets each day. This will help to remove excess water via sweat as well as urination. Do keep in mind that the more you exercise, the better it is for your general health as well. For a healthier set of kidneys you should also add white and red radish as well as asparagus to your diet.

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