My son is 5 years old and he is suffering from pneumonia. His doctor put him on antibiotics. What kind of natural treatment would you recommend for my son?

If your doctor has put your son on antibiotics, there is probably a good reason why he has done so. On your own, you should never stop or replace any medication prescribed by your doctor, especially with a young child suffering from a serious disease like pneumonia. If your doctor is sensible and responsible, he or she will prescribe antibiotics only as a last resort, either after having tried other treatment or after making an informed judgment that any other treatment will not work. If you are concerned about the medication being prescribed, you should discuss your concerns with the doctor. If you still have good reason to believe that your doctor is not taking the best course of action, you should get a second opinion from another doctor.

In some cases, particularly with serious diseases, there is unfortunately no other option than to use antibiotics. In such a case, simply stopping or not even beginning the course of medication prescribed by your doctor can have serious consequences.

In case you decide to get a second opinion and the second opinion is contradictory to what your own doctor has recommended, the second doctor will recommend an appropriate course of action.

answered by G M

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