What is the best pneumonia treatment for a 4 month old? Has now had fever for 4 days.

We hope you have already shown your baby to a qualified physician. Pneumonia can turn out to be quite a serious condition and you must never rely solely on home remedies when it comes to dealing with your infant. Pneumonia symptoms include fever, lethargy, wheezing, coughing, vomiting and abdominal pain.

Pneumonia is of 2 types - bacterial and viral. The treatment for both types differs. Bacterial pneumonia is cured by a good antibiotic prescription. However, in the case of viral pneumonia, antibiotics are not effective. Pneumonia of the viral kind is best treated with rest and the right fluid intake. A child suffering from this disease tends to have high fever and rapid breathing, both of which dehydrate the child. Hence, high fluid intake is a must. Consult physician about how much fluid to give the child. Since the child is 4 months old, you are still breast-feeding the child. Your physician will be best suited to recommend correct action. Also, to prevent further relapses, observe high standards of hygiene. Wash all hands that come in contact with the baby in good, anti-germ hand wash. Also, discourage people from smoking near the infant. Pneumonia is a respiratory disorder. Passive smoking will make things worse.

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