What type of tabs to be taken after removal prostrate to get back and have intercourse with a girl normally?

You can resume sexual activity generally six weeks after having a prostate surgery. The prostate is not directly associated with the erection caused in men but does lies very close to the nerves that are actually responsible for the erection. This gets damaged during the process of removing the prostate tissue and hence requires healing. Therefore sometimes there is a loss of erection in men who have just a prostate surgery.

The treatments you can use are pills that help increase your sexual stamina. These pills are available on a prescription and are effective in providing increased sexual stamina. These tablets come in quantities of 50 and 100 mg. Initially consider taking 50 mg to be safe but if it is unsuccessful you can switch over to 100 mg. The medication has to be taken about a half an hour or an hour before you attempt to have intercourse. Once ingested; the medication can remain active for about 12 hours in the body. If you have a heart condition or have low blood pressure avoid taking this kind of medication. There are also some side effects like the occurrence of headaches, indigestion and visual disturbance. Make sure you consult your doctor before starting the medication or engaging in intercourse.

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