Is there any possibility to get back prostrate glands

The prostrate gland is the size of a walnut and is located in the pelvic area of the body (just below the stomach area). It is situated exactly below the outlet of the bladder in the area that is in front of the rectum. The gland basically circles the upper part of the urethra (a tube that empties urine into the bladder. This gland is found only in males and is a part of the reproductive system of men. The gland however requires hormones like testosterone in order to function properly and also help control the bladder and normal sexual functioning.

The main function of the prostate gland is the storage and the production of seminal fluid. This fluid is important because it help nourish the sperm. Basically when you have prostrate surgery only a small amount of tissue surrounding the prostate is removed. Therefore since the whole prostate is not completely removed it is possible to re grow the prostate completely and thus cause an increase in your prostate -specific antigen levels. This process is possible but is a very slow and time consuming one and will require a good deal of care on your part. In order to be absolutely sure of your chances of re-developing your prostate glands consult your doctor to find out what is the best course of action to be taken and what kind of treatment is required.

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